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Yellow Roadway Corporation is a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation service providers in the world.  In 2004, company stock generated a return of more than 50 percent, significantly exceeding the 9 percent return of the S&P 500.  Market capitalization at the end of 2004 was $2.7 billion, which is nearly $1 billion more than at the end of 2003.  

Following the acquisition of Roadway in 2003, revenue increased by 10% in 2004, 2000 new jobs were created and the company was able to reduce their cost base by a $100 million run rate in 2004.  Fifteen synergy teams (project teams) composed of employees from across the company worked on nearly 120 projects to identify best practices and eliminate redundant costs.

Yellow Roadway paper presented at the Project Management Instituted Global Congress

by Steve Garfein and Tom Witty. "From FORTUNE's Least Admired to Most Admired in Five Years:

The Role of the EPMO in Strategy Execution"  Download  -  2.3MB

Since the paper referenced above was presented at the PMI Global Congress in 2004, Yellow Roadway has "3-peated" and has been ranked Number One in its industry in Fortune's "America's Most Admired Companies" list.

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