Closing the Gap Between Strategy and Results

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The History of RPM Systems Corporation

founded in 1979

For the third consecutive year, Yellow Roadway Corporation (NASDAQ: YELL), a leader in global transportation services, has ranked Number One in its industry in Fortune's "America's Most Admired Companies" list. In addition, Yellow Roadway ranked number one in seven of the eight attributes of reputation categories: innovation; employee talent; use of corporate assets; social responsibility; quality of management; long-term investment; and quality of products and services.

FORTUNE Magazine, February 2005

See attached whitepaper presented by RPM and

Yellow Roadway at the PMI Global Congress in 2004.

Partial list of Clients

Advanced Cardiovascular Systems  -  AEC-Able Engineering  -  AiResearch  -  Alliant Techsystems  -  Amtrak  -  AS&E  -  Atlantic Research  -  BASF  -  Bellsouth Telecommunications  -  Boeing (Helicopter)  -  Bofors  -  Bovis Lend Lease  -  Bromon Aircraft  -  Bulova  -  BW/IP  -  Chamberlain  -  Control Data  -  Day-Zimmerman  -  Electro Magnetic Sciences  -  Eli Lilly  -  Ertec  -  Ethicon Endo-Surgery  -  FMC  -  Ford  -  General Dynamics  -  General Electric  -  Global Marine  -  Grumman Aerospace  -  GSA Public Building Service  -  Gulton  -  Harris  -  Hercules  -  Hoffmann-La Roche  -  Hughes Aircraft  -  IBM  -  Intel  -  Johnson & Johnson  -  Lockheed  -  Lucas  -  M/A-COMM  -  McDonnell Douglas  -  Micro-Frame  -  Micro-MRP  -  Microsoft  -  Monsanto  -  Moog  -  National Education Training Group  -  New York City, Department of General Services  -  Northrop  -  NYNEX  -  Oxford University  -  Perceptics  -  Pyxis  -  RCA  -  Rockwell  -  Servier  -  Singer Kearfott  -  Sonic  -  Sperry  -  Stanford University  -  Summa  -  Sunstrand  -  TriVenture (Amtrak, NJT, LIRR)  -  Thiokol  -  TRW  -  UBS  -  Ultradata  -  Unidynamics  -  Unisys  -  University of California  -  Watkins-Johnson  -  Westinghouse  -  Woodville Polymer  -  Yale University  -  Yellow Roadway Corporation

Strategic Portfolio Management
Expanding Strategic Throughput by Closing the Gap between Strategy and Results

Software:  Microsoft

"As we introduced Microsoft Project for Windows, it was very clear to me that our success lay in the quality of partnerships we were able to build.  Steve Garfein and RPM gave us at Microsoft a very strong partnership to address the needs for the Aerospace, Defense and Government groups, not only with Project but also leveraging Microsoft Office to provide a complete project management solution.  RPM has repeatedly shown us why they are one of our key partners."

Vijay Vashee , 19 year veteran from Microsoft Corporation

Vijay ran Microsoft Project Business Unit from 1988 to 1993.

Under his tenure the group went from #4 market share to # 1

"Lockheed Missiles & Space (LMSC), Missile Systems Division, instituted a supplier tracking system in coordination with RPM Systems.  We developed many report format requirements and on line system tools which allowed LMSC to monitor supplier performance.  This TEAM system was effectively used for many years.

Initially we instituted on-line tracking of persistently inadequately performing suppliers solely to ascertain where they were in their processes, i.e., "Status".  After the system had been in use for some time, we learned that awareness of their status not only was beneficial for our use, but also significantly improved supplier performance.  See Reporting versus Performance.

Knowledge of both their own systems and status seemed to automatically improve their planning, sub tier supplier performance, order status, manufacturing and tracking, as well as timeliness of program support.

 The unexpected "fallout" was that when we instituted a tracking system to monitor suppliers who had demonstrated sustained poor performance, they became exemplary suppliers.  Many of these suppliers ultimately instituted tracking systems based upon our requirements within their own facilities and became very successful through their use."

Bob Alves, Procurement Manager (Retired)

LMSC, Lockheed Martin

Railroads:  Amtrak, Long Island Railroad & New Jersey Transit

"The Tri-venture project brought together three agencies, Amtrak, Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit.  The project was initiated to assess the state of good repair for an area that starts on the east side of the Hudson River travels through the Hudson River tunnels into the Penn Station area complex in Manhattan and then out the other side of Penn Station through the East River tunnels.  

Penn Station, on 34th street in New York City, is the busiest train station in the world with over 1000 trains per day on only 21 tracks in the station area.  At 42nd street is Grand Central Terminal, the largest train station in the world with 118 tracks on two levels.

The RPM Enterprise Portfolio Management system enabled us to plan and analyze each one of these projects and to be very specific about the assets that we were going to replace or rebuild as well as the location of those assets.

The three railroads identified over 3400 projects requiring more than $2.5 billion to accomplish over a 20 year period to keep the railroad assets in a state of good repair.  Once the data was in the EPM system, we generated numerous reports ranging from high-level, one-page management summaries to detailed work plans."

Melody Sheahan, OnTrack OnLine 

Aerospace:  Lockheed Martin Aerospace:  

Transportation:  Yellow Roadway Corporation