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First Robotics and other similar project-based competitions are prime opportunities to support student learning in project management.  By providing checklists and templates, students learn the framework of PM processes and techniques that will help them succeed in their project and in competitions.

Advisors and mentors from business and industry use PM vocabulary and processes in their work environment, and can support student learning in project management over the course of a competition project.

As more PM skills are learned and applied by students, less teacher/advisor time is needed and stress levels are reduced.

Mapping of PMforCTE skills to First Robotics’ suggested process patterns (appended below) demonstrates the efficacy of teaching PM skills to all STEM students, especially when pressured to need them the most:  joining a robotics or similar competition project.

Align your First Robotics and related competitions to the PM standards


PM for Robotics

Overview of PM for Robotics

Aligning PM Education to ROBOTC® Curriculum

Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy ROBOTC ® Curriculum, ©2009.  Project Planning (PP) unit.

Aligning PM Education to First Robotics Curriculum

First Lego League Challenge, using Coaches’ Handbook

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