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AMTRAK Track Laying System requires a large crew of highly trained and safety-conscious individuals.


"How do you assure that you have properly assigned the right person to the right job?  It’s the job of the Engineering Personnel System, also known as EPS, to help in that assignment process.  Proper assignment means that the individual is qualified, has the seniority and the position is the highest on that person’s list of bid preferences.  Work gangs are as small as one person (a track inspector, for example) and range up to large work gangs for equipment such as the track laying system.


The Engineering Personnel System has nine subsystems: Employee Master File, Gang Master, Position Master, Advertisements, Bids, Qualifications, Awards, Abolishments, Force Accounts Updates.  EPS also contains four utility modules: Reporting (a browser to view the Force Account), Qualifications and Rosters, List Maintenance, Security.  EPS has a built-in security system to help assure that sensitive information is available only to those authorized.  EPS receives qualification updates from the Engineering Training System (ETS) and  uses eight different files to assemble the answers it provides management.  Three of those files come from mainframe computer systems: HRM Import File, Financial Import File, Pay Rate Import File."


Johnny Johnson

EPS Project Manager and Lead Developer

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AMTRAK Engineering Personnel System

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