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AMTRAK Engineering Projects Portfolio

"It is generally accepted in project management that the level of detail needed to understand and justify and then to manage a project increases the closer you get to the actual project in the field.  In the New York Metropolitan Division our project and maintenance managers require significantly more planning and control detail than does the central Engineering program management organization in Philadelphia.  As proposed projects move up the management hierarchy for approval, the data become more and more summarized and aggregated until high level summary packages of projects are presented to senior management.  So we have two requirements: First, on the frontline our Division managers need sufficient detail from which to manage.  Second, projects must be easily summarized into programs and other categories for senior management analysis, review and approval along with the ability to view low level detail by senior management.

Whether we are monitoring current projects, submitting candidate projects for approval for the next year fiscal year or doing a long-range ten-year forecast, we use the same toolset.  More detailed task information is added to our planning in the Engineering Projects Database (EPD) as a project moves closer to actual implementation.

For example, at a Capital Planning session we were able to provide instant access to detail for any Division proposed project that was presented in a summary form.  This detail is often the “tie-breaker” between competing projects.  Included in the detail is information relative to potential funding partners for the jointly-funded projects: partners such as Long Island Railroad and New Jersey Transit."

Bernie Pattay,

Director of Planning and Integration,

Amtrak, New York, Metropolitan Division

To download a report on these systems see: AMTRAK RPM Systems Newsletter.  22 Page PDF Download  -  1.5 MB

Managing Projects in the Northeast Corridor