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Overview of AMTRAK Engineering Systems Portfolio

To view additional detail on each system developed by RPM Systems, click on links shown below:

Engineering Projects Database - EPD

Engineering Personnel System - EPS

Engineering Training System - ETS.

The Amtrak Engineering organization is responsible for Railroad infrastructure including stations and bridges, track, communications, signal and electric traction (the overhead power system).  Amtrak provides passenger service along 40 routes that cover about 22,800 miles in 44 states and Washington, D.C.

RPM Systems built three systems for Amtrak Engineering, EPD, EPS and ETS as shown on the menu bar directly above.  

The Engineering Training System provided qualified individuals to the Engineering Personnel System, which in turn provided a pool of resources for the Engineering Projects Database.  These three systems also received inputs from Amtrak's mainframe legacy systems including the Human Resource and the Work Orders systems.  The Sources and Uses of Data diagram below highlights that none of these systems are islands unto themselves - a key to automated workflow and elimination of data entry errors.

Source:  AMTRAK RPM Systems Newsletter

To download a report on these systems see: AMTRAK RPM Systems Newsletter.  22 Page PDF Download  -  1.5 MB

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